Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theatre Projector

3D cinema in your lounge

The Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theatre Projector



3D cinema in your loungeWe all love watching movies and more so when it’s an event that can be enjoyed with friends and family. However, sometimes we don’t have enough room in our homes to accommodate everyone to fit around one television, or sometimes we can’t always watch the movies and shows we love while traveling. Thanks to the Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theatre Projector, it now makes all of these things possible.


Features and Design

The projector has a clear picture with a resolution of 1280 by 800dpi and is extremely portable for those who are looking to travel with it. Another great thing about the projector is the high brightness LED lights used in it. To use it, it just requires hooking it up to your smart phone via Bluetooth and begin to stream your favorite movies and television shows. While the device is sleek and great looking, anyone who intends to buy the Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theatre Projector is going to wind up spending around the $900 mark, but well worth it for those who will get a ton of use out of it. You can bring the feel of a drive in movie experience to your own home and entertain others. However, similar projectors that in our opinion aren’t quite as nice can set you back to about two thousand dollars apiece, so it’s really a bargain to get this one so cheap.

box contentsSince the Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theatre Projector is so slick and compact it can be set up on a shelf or mounted on the wall with ease and won’t have to worry about making large holes or having to post up big shelves to shelve it. In fact, despite its rather attractive design, guests won’t likely notice it due to the little space that it takes up. It’s a great thing to put in a room where you host guests or parties as it can either project slideshows to look back on memories with family and friends, or you can use it host a great sleep over for the kids. It’s definitely a recommended buy for anyone who is looking for some family quality time or loves having guests over.

mounted 3D cinemaWith certain mobile features in which you can live stream tv shows, this is a great thing to have on New Year’s Eve as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving in which you can watch the ball drop on the big screen projector with high resolution, or even the Macy’s Day parade for the holidays which is a bit of a family tradition for many families. Whatever you come up to use the Bluetooth 3D Smart home Theatre Projector for, it’ll be great for any occasion. You’ll never have to worry about squishing in front of a tv again, and for the football fanatics out there, what better way to watch The Super Bowl, than with a high resolution and quality Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theatre Projector screen with all of your friends.

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