Braven 650 Review (Bluetooth Speaker)

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The Braven 650 Review

The Braven 650 Bluetooth Speaker

Braven 650 Review: You can tell the Braven 650 Bluetooth Speaker is a Premium Bluetooth Speaker just by picking it up, it has a solid feel and modern finish to the exterior which comes in several color options. It also has the ability to charge other devices and has an impressive 12 hour playback time as well which is well above other offerings in its class. It has High Fidelity Audio to give a room filling rich sound and also has a noise-cancelling speakerphone so ou can talk hands free in a group.

Braven 650 Review of Main Features

  • Portable Nature

Those who are familiar with the arena would know that the main rivals against which the Braven 650 is competing are Jawbone Jambox and SoundMatters FoxL V2. The Braven 650 is bigger than both of these; however, the good thing is that it is still compact enough to be carried around in a small bag and packs a much better quality sound than its competitors. The speaker stands at six inches in length, two inches in width and 2.5 inches in height. It weight just 400 grams.

  • Design

The Braven 650 Bluetooth speaker has a very high quality feeling about it with the  aluminium casing that has no visible seams, and drilled speaker holes instead of wire mesh.

  • Audio Output

While this may come as a surprise for some, it can be used as an audio bridge to send audio signals to a bigger device.

  • Micro USB Charging

The device comes with a micro USB charging slot, which simply means that you can carry one wire for charging both your Smartphone and the speaker. The battery is a strong one and can back charge your phone as well.

  • Easy Bluetooth Connectivity

The device boasts of some of the easiest connectivity using Bluetooth. Pairing the device is easy and does not take much time.

  • Good Performance

The audio quality is really good and out classes a lot of its rivals and with a very high volume level.

braven 650 colors

Where to find the best current deals on the Braven 650

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