Geneva XS, Bluetooth Speaker


Geneva XS, Bluetooth Speaker

The Geneva XS Bluetooth Speaker is priced at around £170 and is available in three colour options including black, red and white. The Switzerland based company is a renowned name when it comes to making quality and durable speakers or audio systems for bigger size for high end iPod’s and iPad’s and the introduction of a compact model surprised the most. We decided to try the Geneva XS ourselves to check if it lives up to the reputation of the company.


Main Features of the Geneva XS

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality is simply superb and the loudness is a lot more than speakers of this size are expected to provide. We also tested the Geneva XS against other similar sized options and the XS came out to be the best. However, if you are expecting to get the same quality as bigger speakers, that is simply not possible because of compact dimensions. We found that the best sound is delivered at moderate volumes.

  • EQ Settings

The problem that we faced during the first couple of hours was that the XS was making a harsh audio file appear even harsher. We went through the details and found that the company suggests turning off all EQ settings and the sound is automatically optimized for the speaker. The improvement is noticeable.

  • Integrated Casing

The product is well protected inside the casing that acts as a stand as well when folded. The travel nature of the speaker is enhanced by the fact that it is also equipped with FM radio and telescopic antenna. It is basically a travelling digital clock radio as well.

  • Bluetooth and Line Connectivity

The offering allows wired as well as wireless connectivity with mobiles and other devices via Bluetooth for you to enjoy music while on the move.



“This product is AMAZING!!!! it comes easily built. It is booming loud. Alot louder than anything I have ever seen that is portable. It is so easy to setup with the bluetooth, it plays ALL types of products. Enjoy this! ”
By P. Badham

“I got my Geneva XS two months ago.  I travel 3-5 days a week for work, and this unit has gone everywhere with me.  And it works great.  I can pair it with my iPhone or iPad to listen to music via bluetooth.  I use the radio station to listen to weather, traffic and the games (Go Pats!).  It’s got a line-in cable, for my wife’s old school iPod with no bluetooth.  It’s wicked simple to use.”
By Tony D.

Geneva XS, Bluetooth Speaker

Geveva XS Bluetooth Speaker

Where to find the best online deals for the Geneva XS

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