The Minx Air 200 home Bluetooth speaker system

The Minx Air 200 won the title of our Best Home Bluetooth Speaker System for a lot of reasons, it offers so many more feature than any of its rivals by both Air Play and Bluetooth connectivity, apps for both Android and iphone that enable you to control the system from your phone, it also boasts Digital radio with a tried and tested 20,000 stations from around the world. The sound this produces is second to none, it has a dedicated subwoofer and amplifier to produce a heart pounding amount of bass but retaining the quality of sound in all other ranges. Its smooth and sleek design are very easy on the eye too and would look great in any environment. Its no wonder WHAT HI-FI rated it 5/5


Main features of the Minx Air 200


  • Connectivity

    The Minx Air 200 can connect to Bluetooth and Air Play

  • Digital Radio

    Has Digital Radio with 20,oo0 radio stations around the world

  • Apps

    You can download the App to you android or iphone device and
    control the system from your phone

  • Built-in subwoofer and Amp

    Has a built-in subwoofer and powerful amp for an amazing sound

This really is an amazing system with such a great combination of feature in a well crafted and designed package.

What do buyers of the Minx Air 200 Have to say about it?

“I have spent many hours touring audio stockists and purchasing and returning different sound docks. I eventually compiled a shortlist and had to decide between the Minx, Bowers and Wilkins, Sonos 5 or Bose sounddock 10.  I purchased three of these, having quickly eliminated the Sonos and was able to do a direct comparison.  The room is a kitchen/diner of forty square metres and it quickly became apparent that the only one with the capability of filling this cavernous space was the Minx.  I am a fan of Bose and gave the 10 every chance to outperform the Cambridge Audio but it struggled, particularly at the top end.  Bringing the Minx into a smaller room clinched it.  The sound is so sharp and polished and the Bass adjustment combined with the equalizer offered via the Minx Air app is not just a token gesture.  Internet radio and Bluetooth connectivity complete what I consider to be the best option in AirPlay ready sound systems”. by Mr A Machen

“The minx has been a great hit in Europe. Have you seen the reviews on amazon uk. I have bought two minx 100’s…fantastic quality
25 reviews and every one given 5 stars! Similar reviews for the 200. Read reviews before buying 200 rather than 100, these speakers can go loud!” by Cookie

 minx air 100 and 200
Where to find the best current deals on the Minx Air 200 Bluetooth Speaker System

The cheapest deal we found on the Minx Air 200 was at Amazon.comor if in the UK Amazon.co.uk. They are one of the few places we found that stocked all the Minx Air range. if your budget doesn’t stretch to the Minx Air 200 the 100 is a very good alternative.

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