NAD VISO 1 Bluetooth Speaker + AirPlay White

NAD VISO 1 Bluetoooth Speaker

with AirPlay


The Nad Visio 1 Bluetooth Speaker is a speaker that remained true to the image of the brand. The company is known for making plain and serious looking Bluetooth Speakers, however, the first thing we noticed about it was the eye catchy design. Some of the key features of the Nad Visio 1 include 80W output (1x 50W sub, 2x 15W speakers), Bluetooth aptX and Direct Digital onboard amplifier and it can connect via Bluetooth or AirPlay to name a few. However, would the NAD VISIO 1 be able to provide value in terms of quality as well? There is only one way to find out.


Advantages of The Nad Visio 1 Bluetooth Speaker

We got our hands at the NAD VISO 1 and after a week of testing, here are the related positives that we discovered

  • Unique Design

The NAD VISIO 1 is certainly stylish and the White colour gives it a premium feel but its also available in Black. The NAD branding next to White coloured control provides and industrial feel. Overall the design is likely to settle well in the eyes of most.  With a height of around 30 cm and a width of 48 cm along with weighing 5.6 kg, the system is a fair size but with that you get a big crystal clear sound..  The black cloth seems to be of good quality as well and resistant to wear and tear.

  • Connectivity Options

The system provides multiple connectivity options including an AirPlay, aptX Bluetooth interface and 96/24-capable optical S/PDIF input. This simply means that the NAD VISIO 1 is compatible with almost all device types. The system also has a good digital to analogue converter on board.

  • Good Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality for a AirPlay and Bluetooth connecting speaker, the NAD VISO 1 is certainly among the best. In addition, the bass response is also good, the clarity and presence of vocals is amazing.


NAD VISIO 1 Verdict Bluetooth Speaker

Overall the NAD VISIO 1 can be defined as a collaboration of sophisticated audio technology and inspired design. If you want the best and don’t mind the price tag, this is the one for you.

The Nad Visio 1 is a little hard to find but it can be found at and

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