new bluetooth padlock by noke

Bluetooth Padlock

new bluetooth padlock by noke


Padlocks with keys will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the new Noke Bluetooth Padlock by Fuz Designs. Using the App for your iOS or Android device you can assign extra people to have access to open the lock so no need to worry about handing keys out or having them cut anymore and the Noke could not be easyer to use, simply get near to the Bluetooth Padlock and then simply click the hook to unlock it. But what if i loose my phone or my battery dies? Simple, the Noke comes with a pre-determined click code, by using a combination of long and short clicks on the hook of the Bluetooth Padlock it will unlock. The Noke’s internal CR3032 battery has a one year life span and is very easy to replace, even when the battery is completely dead.

Check out the the video below from there Kickstarter campaign.

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