Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ Strip

effects of bluetooth light strip

Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ Light Strip


effects of bluetooth light strip

Imagine sitting at home and looking around your house and thinking that something is missing, or maybe you’re sitting outside on your patio and thinking just how dull your back yard seems to be. Now imagine you have the ability to change that and add some life and colour to the dullness that you’ve been stewing over. Well, that wish has just become a reality with the new Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ strip. The strip can be placed anywhere indoors and can be used outdoors as well to bring colour and a bit of flair to your life. In fact, the strip is designed to let the user pick from over sixteen million colour choices.

This is a great way to add a little mood to a bedroom, flair to any living room or even light up you’re patio to give it a little life when hosting a party. Best of all it can be all controlled from your smartphone and completely customized. For those who may be hosting a party, or mount it to your car to add a new touch of colour to draw some attention to your bland vehicle. The cost of the Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ Strip cost about $40, but most people feel its well worth it.

Features and Designcolours of the strip

Best of all it’s completely easy to use and install. Just peel off the backing on the lights and place it where ever you want, plug it in and connect with it from either a mobile device or your IPad. Each app will let you control up to ten strips per each device which is great for those who are planning to use multiple ones around the house or where ever you intend to post them up at. The app itself is free and comes with multiple features and functions including things like making them brighter or dimmer, change the colours, set up specific times that the strips can turn on automatically or off, and so much more.

light strip timer optionsFor those who may be thinking of hosting a party or a backyard cook out the Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ Strips can be customized to change colour in sync with music or sounds around it. The strips are compatible with most IPhone devices and Tablets. For the price you really couldn’t ask for more as they are relatively cheap and pretty durable. They are great for just about any occasion. With the holidays coming up, you can add a little holiday cheer to your house around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more with making your house light up with colourful theme’s based on the holiday. Unsure what to get friends or a loved one for their Birthday, Holiday or other special occasion? These make a great gift and won’t break your wallet either. Purchase some for friends and loved one’s and help them to add a little something extra to their personal living space, vehicle or their own backyard with the LED lights.

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