What is Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology

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Bluetooth® is a form of technology that allows a devices that have Bluetooth technology built-in to connect wirelessly in a simple and convenient way. Bluetooth connections used to only connect over very short distances of around 5m and consume a lot of power but now the technology has improved greatly (Bluetooth 4.0) to the point where it uses very little power and can de used up to 40m or more in distance and a projected 30 Billion Bluetooth devices will around by 2020 according to ABI Research. Bluetooth also has a large number of uses, some of which we will go in to later below.

Common devices using Bluetooth Technology

The most common devices using Bluetooth at the moment are smart phones, lap tops, personal computers, pda’s and home entertainment systems. There are devices but these are the main devices used to connect a multitude of devices via Bluetooth.

Audio Applications for Bluetooth Technology

Audio is the most common type of application for Bluetooth and the trend began about 10 years when Bluetooth headsets came about enabling people to answer their mobile phones via a Bluetooth connected earpiece. Following this came Bluetooth headphones, this application was was especially useful for people running, jogging or exercising in general. Often when using headphones with a cable proved troublesome and the cable would get caught while exercising and pull the headphones out, wireless connectivity using Bluetooth solved this problem. Then came the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, these came in a large range of sizes from small travel speakers to boom boxes and now multi-room house speaker systems connected via Bluetooth to avoid running cables to all the different rooms you want music to be played.

Toys and Games using Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Toys have grown massively ever since the range for Bluetooth increased, this allowed for toys like radio controlled cars, helicopters, planes and now even drones. The drones are also now even capable of transmitting video feed to you device (smart phone or tablet) as you fly it.

Bluetooth products for the home

Lots of gadgets have now been developed for the home using Bluetooth like a shower head that has a built-in Bluetooth Speaker, a thermometer that is inserted in to your joint of meat in the oven that sends the temperature to your device letting you know when the meat is perfectly cooked. Also available is a Bluetooth door lock that can be opened with your smart phone or tablet with the ability to add or block different users.

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